Department of Astronomy
Colloquia Schedule for Spring 2011

(most recent update: February 17, 2011)

Colloquia are on Tuesdays (unless otherwise indicated) at 3:30 pm in RLM 15.216B

Jan. 18

Raffaella Schneider, INAF/Osservatorio Astronomico di RomaAbstract
"Dust in the Early Universe"

(host: Volker Bromm)

Jan. 25

Jonathan Braithwaite, University of Bonn (TCC Tinsley Scholar)Abstract
"Magnetic Relaxation in ICM Bubbles and the Magnetic Flux
Problem in Star Formation"

(host: Craig Wheeler)

Feb. 1

Peter Goldreich, California Institute of TechnologyAbstract
"Reading the Record of Ancient Impacts"

(host: Pawan Kumar)

Feb. 8

Kim-Vy Tran, Texas A&M University and University of ZurichAbstract
"Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters Over the Past 10 Billion Years"

(host: Neal Evans)

Feb. 11-12

McDonald Observatory Board of Visitors Meeting (Austin)

Feb. 12
1-2 pm
ACE 2.302

19th Annual Great Lecture in Astronomy:
Daniel Jaffe, University of Texas at AustinAbstract
"Exploring Newly Discovered Worlds with the Giant Magellan Telescope"

Feb. 15

George F. R. Ellis, University of Cape TownAbstract
"Is Inhomogeneity Important in Cosmology?"

(host: Tanja Rindler-Daller)

Feb. 16
3:00 pm

Charles Steidel, California Institute of Technology (Tinsley Visiting Professor)Abstract
(visit: Feb. 13-24) "Exploration of the Circum-Galactic Medium at High Redshifts"

(host: Karl Gebhardt)

Feb. 22

Jessica Lu, California Institute of TechnologyAbstract
"Clarifying our View of Star Formation in Extreme Environments with Adaptive Optics"

(host: Jenny Greene)

Mar. 1

Robert Kraft, UCOLICK (DeVaucouleurs Medalist)Abstract
(visit: Feb. 27 - Mar. 8) "Chemical Abundances in the Oldest Galactic Stars:
Globular Clusters vs. the Halo Field

(host: Chris Sneden)

Mar. 8

Jeffrey A. Newman, University of PittsburghAbstract
"Title: TBA"

(host: Eiichiro Komatsu)

Mar. 15

Spring Break: 14-18 March: No talk scheduled.

Mar. 22

Lars Bildsten, UCSB/Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (Tinsley Visiting Professor)Abstract
(visit: Mar. 21-25) "Diverse Energy Sources for Supernovae"

(host: Donald Winget)

Mar. 24
Public Talk
RLM 4.102
7:00 PM

Lars Bildsten, UCSB/Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (Tinsley Visiting Professor)Abstract
(visit: Mar. 21-25) "Exploding Stars!"

(host: Donald Winget)

Mar. 29

Pawan Kumar, University of Texas at AustinAbstract
"Recent Advances in our Understanding of Enigmatic Gamma-ray Bursts"

(host: TBD)

Apr. 5

Dimitar D. Sasselov, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsAbstract
"Title: TBA"

(host: Jenny Greene)

Apr. 12

Caryl Gronwall, Pennsylvania State UniversityAbstract
"The Physical Properties of Lyman-alpha Emitters from z=2 to 3"

(host: Karl Gebhardt)

Apr. 19

Aristotle Socrates, Institute for Advanced Study, PrincetonAbstract
"Title: TBA"

(host: Jenny Greene)

Apr. 26

Ethan Vishniac McMaster University, Ontario, CanadaAbstract
"Title: TBA"

(host: Craig Wheeler)

May 3

Speaker: TBD, Affiliation: TBDAbstract
"Title: TBA"

(host: TBD)

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